Work at Martha's Vineyard.

This summer, courses in engineering field practice will be given by Mr. Turner on Martha's Vineyard at a place near Vineyard Haven. The work will be in topographical, geodetic, and railroad surveying. Such schools are conducted by several other colleges, notably that of Columbia College in the Berkshire Hills.

About thirty men have handed in their names so far. The party will go down early in July and will occupy three houses, one of which will be used for a dining hall. The cooperative plan will followed and the whole cost of living for the five weeks will not be more than thirty-five dollars. There will be from eight to nine hours work each day, beginning about eight o'clock, so that half the afternoon will be free. The men will be divided into small parties, which will work on separate tracts of land, on different sections in the railroad work.

The houses are located near a good beach and there will be excellent opportunity for such recreations as bathing and boating. The trip ought to afford an enjoyable outing as well as an opportunity for uninterrupted work.