Scrub Baseball.

The first game in the scrub championship series will be played this afternoon between the T-Squares and the Trilbys. The game will be played on Soldiers Field at 3 o'clock. The make-up of the teams is as follows:


C. H. Ely, p. p., J. W. Goodwin.

H. C. Ring, c. c., W. C. Brown.

L. Williams, 1b. 1b., E. E. Starbuck.

J. C. Whitfield, 2b. 2b., P. S. Davis.

W. Scott, s.s. s.s., C. H. Porter.

T. M. Hastings, 3b. 3b., O. Lentz.

J. N. Wilcott, l.f. l.f., L. W. Jenney.

N. Bent, c.f. c.f., S. Shackford.

L. P. Corbin, r.f. r.f., S. Barnum.