Special Notice.

CHARLES W. SEVER, University Bookstore will pay you cash for your secondhand books, College Text Books, Law Books and Miscellaneous Books.

89 6t*

LOST. - On Brattle street or Harvard square May 28, a gold watch chain, small links. Finder returning it to E. L. Dresel, 114 Ames building, Boston will be liberally rewarded.

89 2tNEXT Monday night, in "Girofle-Girofla," Mr. Richie Ling, Lillian Russell's leading tenor, will make his first appearance in Boston at the Castle Square Theatre. Mr. Ling's engagement at this theatre is for the summer. He is the foremost lyric tenor in the country. The other parts will be taken as follows: Girofle-Girofla, Miss Eissing; Aurore, Miss Gaillard; Don Bolero d'Alcarazas, Mr. Arthur Wooley; Mourzouk, Mr. William Wolff; Paquita, Miss Marie Mulle Bell; Pedro, Mr. Francis Gaillard.

"Girofle-Girofla" is full of fun and has a most ingenious plot capitally worked out. Don Bolero d'Alcarazas and his wife Aurore have twin daughters, Cirofle and Girofla, who are so remarkably alike that the only means of distinguishing them is by their clothes. One wears blue and the other pink. Aurore has contrived to appease two enemies by arranging a double marriage - Marasquin to marry Girofle and Mourzouk Girofla. Marasquin arrives attired for the bridal, and is informed that Mourzouk, owing to a toothache, is unable to come, and that the wedding must be postponed. But Marasquin insists on being married at once. All is arranged, when Girofla is carried off by pirates. In the meantime, Mourzouk, having had his teeth pulled out, appears, ready also to be married, and demands his bride. Every one is frightened at his fierce appearance. Bolero is afraid to tell him that Girofla has been carried away, and tries to put him off, but Mourzouk insists on her being produced at once. Aurore at last hits on a plan, and, putting the pink ribbon on Girofle, introduces her to Mourzouk as Girofla. In their terror they allow her to go through the marriage ceremony with Mourzouk in place of her sister, although she is already married to Marasquin. Various expedients are resorted to by Bolero and his wife to keep Girofle out of sight, and much confusion ensues. Matamoras finally returns, bringing back Girofla, whom he has rescued, and every one is satisfied.