Football at Yale.

At the close of the first week of training of the candidates for the Yale football eleven there is a good deal of demoralization in the team, With only two members of last year's team back, Captain Thorne finds it very difficult to get anything like team work out of the eleven. He has been handicapped, too, by several accidents: Jerrems bruising his knee badly, Sage, a promising candidate for end rush, retiring with a dislocated collar bone during the first day's practice; DeWitt being prostrated by the heat the first day, and training easily since then; Murphy coming back to college a week late; and Harry Cross, the only reliable candidate for center rush in the field, being obliged to train part of the time with the track athletic team, for which he will throw the hammer against the Cambridge team next Saturday. Louis Hinkey and Bass are playing ends, Bass doing rather the best work. Murphy has played tackle one day and Chadwick the same length of time. Rogers and Murray are playing guards.

There are now some thirty candidates in the field. Captain Thorne took twenty-five to the training table on last Monday, but on Thursday cut down the men to the following: Chadwick, Murphy, Hinkey, Bass, DeWitt and Jerrems. The number will be increased to 11 early this week.