A Close Match for the Intercollegiate Chess Trophy.

The annual intercollegiate chess tournament between Columbia, Princeton, Yale and Harvard, was held at Harvard School, New York, from December 26 to January 1. The match was unusually close and exciting, Harvard winning from Columbia by only a half point. Ross of Columbia made the highest score, winning five out of six games.

The teams were: Harvard, A. W. Ryder and E. E. Southard; Columbia, Ross and Price; Princeton, Seymour and Elmer; Yale, Murdoch and Arnstein. The referees were Mr. Samuel Lloyd and Mr. Eugene Delmar.

On the first day of play, December 26, the contestants were welcomed by Mr. E. A. Caswell, who was instrumental in bringing about the series of annual chess tournaments.

In the first round Ryder defeated Price of Columbia in a Ruy Lopez opening and Southard and Murdoch of Yale tied in a Ruy Lopez opening. The Yale players also won one game and tied the second, making Harvard's and Yale's scores a tie. The result of the round was:

Ross (C.) beat Seymour (P.), irregular opening.

Ryder (H.) beat Price (C.), Ruy Lopez opening.

Arnstein (Y.) beat Elmer (P.), Queen's Pawn opening.

Southard (H.) tied Murdoch (Y.), Ruy Lopez opening.

On the second day Harvard won 1.5 points to Yale's .5, and took the lead. Ryder won his second game easily by defeating Elmer of Princeton with a Queen's Pawn opening. Southard again tied, this time with Ross of Columbia in an irregular opening. The result of the round was:

Price (C.) beat Arnstein (Y.), Ruy Lopez opening.

Ryder (H.) beat Elmer (P.), Queen's Pawn opening.

Southard (H.) tied Ross (C.), irregular opening.

Murdoch (Y.) tied Seymour (P.), Giuoco Piano opening.

Score: Harvard, 3; Columbia, 2.5; Yale, 2; Princeton, .5.

Harvard again scored 1.5 points, in the third day's play, but Columbia won both her games and tied the score. Yale lost both games. The result of the third round was:

Price (C.) beat Elmer (P.), Ruy Lopez opening.