Book Notice.

Today Houghton, Mifflin and Company issue their book on football by Mr. Walter Camp of Yale, and Mr. Lorin F. Deland. The publication of this volume was announced some time ago, and its appearance is awaited with interest by football men all over the country.

The book is divided into three parts, the first for the spectator, the second for the player, and the third for the coach. These three main divisions are subdivided into twenty-four chapters, the last of which is an appendix containing the football rules for 1896. The other chapters embrace such subjects as the history of football, explanation of the game as now played, effects of the game on the players, explanation of technical words and phrases, the organizing and training of a team, with chapters on the individual positions, field tactics, a very carefully prepared article on the general system of coaching, improved signalling, and the duties of an official.

The book is well illustrated with diagrams for the various plays described. It is handsomely bound in red and gold and will cost two dollars.