Special Notice.

STUDENTS wishing their hair trimmed in the most scientific manner should call at Griffith's Hair Dressing Rooms, 7 Brattle street, Harvard square. Four artists in attendance, all special hair cutters. Razors honed and cared for.

C. W. GRIFFITH, Proprietor.For five years at Young's Hotel, Boston. 2 tf

How will Massachusetts vote? At great expense the Boston Sunday Journal has canvassed the state. Read it tomorrow.

LOOK HERE!-To Let. Two fine rooms, very convenient and very cheap, at 53 Church street. 26 3t

TUTORING in Gov. 1, Phil. 1, Economics 1, History 1, and History 10.

R. W. SPRAGUE, JR., (H. '96), 4 Hollis Hall.FOR SALE at $50, Eclipse special, $125 wheel of 1895, little used, good condition.

C. E. OZANNE, 11 Wendell street.26 2t

INTERCOLLEGIATE Parade reported in full in today's Boston Journal. For sale at Thurston's, Memorial, Foxcroft, etc.

TUTORING.- Greek, Latin, German. Long and successful experience.

J. H. WALDEN, PH. D., 13 Mt. Auburn street.24 3t

TUTORING.- Thorough drill in undergraduate work and for all examinations. Greek, Latin, Semitic, German. Experience and best references. Max Benshimol, A. M., 48 Highland avenue, Cambridge, off Broadway.

TAKE St. Christobal Salts. Cure headache.

FRENCH CONVERSATION.- Almost instantaneous system of acquiring French colloquially; no text-book; no grammer; greatest labor saving, time-saving system; an infallible method of gaining a "practical" use and full command of all the French verbs and leading idioms, within the compass of 800 words, imparting the power of "thinking" in French and fluency of expression. Trial lesson free. For particulars address Professor Etienne Lambert, 21 Worcester street, Boston 23 tf

TAKE St. Christobal Salts. Cure indigestion.

READ'S BLOCK, Boylston street. A few suites and single rooms in this favorite building to rent. Apply to janitor. 2 tf

Go to Bartlett's for St. Christobal Salts.

PUFFS are in style, and also the Ascot and Princess ties. We have taken a great deal of care in selecting the choicest patterns that can be obtained for the money.

J. W. BRINE, 1312 and 1436 Mass. Ave.ST. CHRISTOBAL SALTS are sold by Hubbard the Druggist.

MRS. RANSFORD, of 22 Prescott street, will have a training table vacant on Nov. 22. Gentlemen desiring to engage a club table should make immediate application. 24 6t

TAKE St. Christobal Salts. Keep the system pure.

TAKE St. Christobal Salts. Cure liver trouble.

DANCING CLASS.- Mrs. L. J. Chandler's class for beginners commences Tuesday, at 8 p. m. Private Lessons. Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport. 1-e o d-tf

ROOMS to let at 353 Harvard Street, corner Ellery, furnished or unfurnished.

HON. J. H. MANLEY and other politicians of national repute, L. A. Coolidge '83, Washington correspondent, and other experienced newspaper men write on the national situation in tomorrow's Boston Sunday Journal.

75cts. for cleansing and pressing your suit; 40cts. for cleansing and pressing your coat; 20cts. for cleansing and pressing your trousers. $9.00 for pressing all your clothes during college year. Strictly first class work. No trouble to call at your room. L. G. MacKeigan, Tailor, 15 Brattle street, just opposite post office. 27 3t.

TAKE St. Christobal Salts. Cure diseases of the stomach.

THE Carlisle Indian game will be one of the best of the year. The best report of the game will be in the Boston Sunday Journal. Get it.

ECONOMICS 1.- Synopsis of Mill's Principles of Political Economy, revised to date. This book of about one hundred pages contains the main working principles of the larger text-books of over one thousand pages.

EDW. W. WHEELER, 1284 Massachusetts Ave.24 tu th f

DOZENS of reporters followed the Intercollegiate Parade last night. The majority came from the Boston Journal, which today has a splendid report of all proceedings. On sale at Thurston's, Amee's, Memorial, Foxcroft, etc.

DANCING.- Harvard gentlemen desiring to learn or practice the polite art will do well to address Mr. and Mrs. Black, 159 Mass. avenue, near Boylston street, Boston. Circulars mailed. 18 20