'Varsity Crew.

Yesterday afternoon under Mr. Lehmann's direction the candidates for the 'Varsity crew rowed in the eight-oared barge which has been re-fitted with new slides and locks. Two crews were made up. The first was as follows: Stroke, Hollister; 7, Goodrich; 6, Thomson; 5, Duffield; 4, Ames; 3, McDuffie, 2, Bull; bow, Adams.

This crew rowed for about half an hour, when Mr. Lehmann shifted the men about in the following order: Stroke, Bull; 7, Goodrich; 6, Ames; 5, Hollister; 4, Sprague; 3, McDuffie; 2, Boardman; bow, Hurley.

Mr. Lehmann has decided to hold, on or about December 5, a trial race between two eights made up of candidates for the crew. It will be rowed in barges and over the course for the class races in the Back Bay.

There is a system in vogue at Oxford and Cambridge whereby the university crews are picked from the college crews, after the latter have held their races in the winter. This fall race will serve in the same way as do the English college races, in as far as it will give the coach a chance to see the men in competition and judge of their merits under those circumstances.