Intercollegiate Shoot.

It was erroneously stated in yesterday's CRIMSON that the intercollegiate match tomorrow was to be for the cup offered by "Shooting and Fishing." That cup will be shot for, as usual, in May. The shoot tomorrow is not for any prize at all; it is simply the annual fall intercollegiate shoot.

The Princeton team will be drawn from the following men: Canning, Brower, Paine, Chester, Young, Kendall. The make-up of the Yale team is not known, but probably will be composed of five of these men: Bulkley, Wescott, Brown, Peck, Reid, Schley, Corliss, Speers, Hale, Evert, Bement, Whitehouse.

The "Shooting and Fishing" Cup won by Harvard last May will be brought from Princeton tomorrow by Captain Paine and exhibited in the window of the CRIMSON office.