Professor Wendell's Reception to John Harvard Scholars.

By the establishment of John Harvard Scholarships, without stipend, the Faculty has for the first time recognized that all undergraduates, without regard to the accident of personal fortune, are entitled to equal academic distinction. In honor of this fact Professor Wendell invited the President and Fellows, the Board of Overseers, the Acting Governor of the Commonwealth, and a few other gentlemen of official as well as personal distinction, to meet, at his home last evening, the twenty-three undergraduates who this year have received scholarships of the highest grade.

The students in question are: F. S. Arnold '97, H. W. Beal '97, C. E. Brown '97, A. A. Bryant '97, A. M. Carter '98, W. C. Dorman '98, A. L. Fish '99, S. J. Frost '98, P. Gardner '98, F. P. Garland '98, H. S. Hackett '97, W. P. Hatch '98, H. B. Huntington '97, E. E. Jungerich '99, F. T. Lewis '97, G. Newhall '98, R. E Olds '97, W. H. Osborne '97, H. P. Philbrick '98, C. A. Weatherly '97, E. H. Wells '97, B. Winthrop '97, and F. W. Wyman '97.

Among the gentlemen who were able to accept the invitation to meet these students were Acting-Governor Wal cott, President Eliot, and Dr. Cabot, Mr. Higginson, Mr. Hooper, Mr. Lowell and Dr. Walcott, of the Corporation; Mr. Lincoln, Bishop Lawrence, Mayor Bancroft, Mr. C. F. Adams, Dr. Cheever, Dr. Folsom, Judge Grant, Mr. Hemenway, Mr. Lyman, Mr. Peabody, Dr. Shattuck, Mr. Weld, and Mr. Williams, of the Board of Overseers; the Deans of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, of the Graduate School, and of Harvard College; the Rev. S. W. Brooke, the Rev. Percy Browne, the Rev. James De Normandie, the Rev. Edward Everett Hale, and the Rev. Leighton Parks, Professor Arlo Bates, of the Institute of Technology, Commander Eaton of the Enterprise, Mr. G. S. Hale, formerly of the Corporation of Phillips Academy, Exeter; Gen. Loring, Director of the Museum of Fine Arts; Mr. A. L. Lowell, of the Boston School Committee; Judge Lowell, Professor Thayer, of the Harvard Law School; the Master of St. Marks School; and Mr. Justin Winsor, Librarian of Harvard University.