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Tomorrow evening the Cycling Association will hold an important meeting for the election of officers and the planning of the year's work.

Last year for the first time the plan of having a Cycling Association separate from the Athletic Association was tried and proved very successful. A team of bicycle riders, distinct from the other Mott Haven candidates, was organized, a coach and trainer was secured and the candidates trained separately on a track properly constructed for bicycle riding. The change was a very beneficial one for the college cycling interests and promises to be still more beneficial in future. One of the plans for this year is to enter a team in six or seven different meets before the intercollegiate meeting at New York. In this way the college riders will get valuable experience and training in racing tactics which count for so much in races where, as at the intercollegiate meeting, there are a great many entries.

It is hoped that at the meeting tomorrow evening all members of the Association and all members of the University interested in bicycling will be present.