The Bohemian Orchestral Club.

The Bohemian Orchestral Club, which was organized last February by a number of musicians of Cambridge and the vicinity, has this fall had a very successful season.

The club is not a college organization, though a number of college men are members. The purpose of the organization has been in the first place to give its members an opportunity for reading orchestral music. In addition, however, to these regular meetings or rehearsals, the orchestra has given numerous informal concerts,

Last year the club gave twenty concerts, and this fall it has played seven times in public. Of those given this year, four were at performances of the Footlight Club of Jamaica Plain, the Cambridge Dramatic Club, and the Brookline Comedy Club, and the club has also played at Horticultural Hall on election night, at the New England Hospital Fair in Tremont Temple, and at Eliot Hall, Jamaica Plain. The next concert will be at the Massachusetts Yacht Club, on Dec. 12.

The orchestra consists of fifteen members of whom the following are Harvard men: First violins, H. S. Denison, L. E. Ware and G. C. Ward; cello, R. L. Scaife; flute, H. H. Kimball; obe, C. P. M. Rumford; second cornet, W. Adams; piano, H. B. Hayden.

The officers are: President, R. L. Scaife; vice-president, F. L. Robbins; secretary and treasurer, H. S. Denison.