The Library.

The improvements in the Gore Hall Library are now complete, with the exception of a small amount of electrical work which has yet to be done. As soon as the Corporation shall have accepted the improved portion, the work of arranging and stacking books in their proper places will be begun. There are three floors fitted for the reception of books. The lower floor has a capacity of 100,000 volumes, while the two upper ones will each contain 60,000 books. The stacks are arranged compactly, leaving, however, sufficient space between them for a comfortable passage-way. In the broad aisles near the windows, tables will be placed for the use of readers admitted to the stacks. The upper floor is especially well lighted by windows, but on the two lower floors electric lights will have to be used a greater part of the time. The books now stored in the art room will be removed to the second floor, and the art room will be fitted up for a reading-room to contain the reserved history books at present in Lower Mass. It cannot yet be definitely stated when the entire library will be in good working order; but as soon as the Corporation has approved the work, the books will be arranged as rapidly as possible, and the library will be once more ready for use.