Crimson Association Dinner.

The first annual dinner of the Harvard Crimson Association was held Saturday night at Young's Hotel. It was the largest and the most pleasant dinner that the CRIMSON has ever held. Thirty men in all were present.

H. M. Williams '85 presided. H. G. Gray '97 read the poem and R. H. Carleton '98 responded to the toast "The Baby Editor."

Besides the editors on the present board the following members of the association were present: H. M. Williams '85, H. G. Perkins '87. G. H. Kelton '93, H. Ware, '93, A. N. Broughton '93, M. Ladd '94, H. C. Lakin '94, H. Kennedy '94, N. W. Bingham, Jr., '95, E. V. Frothingham '96, E. R. Matthews '96, H. R. Storrs '96, R. K. Fox '96, and A. M. Kales '96.