The Guiana Boundary.

Professor Macvane gave his second lecture on the Guiana Boundary Question last evening in the Fogg Museum. He began by outlining the various claims made by the Spanish and Dutch, and their successors, the Venezuelan Republic and the British, showing that the early Spanish claims had been much overdrawn, as shown by the actual Dutch occupations. He then examined the investigations of these claims made since 1841, and the various dividing lines proposed. The famous Schomburgk line was surveyed merely for a basis of negotiations and was not considered as final. The records seem to show that for the most part the English instead of encroaching on Venezuela have been attempting to come to a fair agreement. Professor Macvane criticized Secretary Olney's despatch of July last. The idea that England has been developing and increasing her claims shows, the speaker said, an incomplete comprehension of the facts of the case.