'Varsity Baseball Practice.

The make-up of the 'varsity nine Saturday was the same as that of the day before. As usual the men practiced fielding, batting and running bases, but no game was played. Wiggin and Frothingham were watching the practice but did not do any coaching. The work of the college nine was much the same as the 'varsity's, excepting that it was much shorter. R. H. Stevenson has been appointed temporary captain of the college nine which is at present composed of the following men: Pitchers, Gregory, Fitz, Clarkson and Arnold; catchers, Morton and Pote; first base, Bouve; second base, Haskell; shortstop, Crawford; third base, R. H. Stevenson; centre field, Clark; right field, Burgess; left field, Beale. The following men are also with the second squad: McVey, Cochrane, Chandler, Martin, Holt, Manning, Griffin, Edmunds, Dayton and Scott.

Neither of the nines will go to the training table until the latter part of the month, and then the tables will probably be in different houses. Men will not be measured for uniforms until after the first game. The uniforms of the college nine will be distinguished from those of the 'varsity probably by having on them H. C, or perhaps merely a C. The second squad will be much reduced by next week and it is probable that only the nine and a few substitutes will be kept.