Yale Debaters Chosen.

The men to represent Harvard in the coming Yale debate were chosen last Saturday afternoon. A final competition had been arranged between the five men chosen in the competitive debate last week and four members of English VI, F. D. Pollak '96, J. P. Warren '96, M. G. Seeling '96 and H. A. Bigelow '96.

After the debate the judges, Professor G. P. Baker, Professor A. B. Hart, and Professor J. H. Beale announced as their choice William Belmont Parker '97, of Norfolk, Nebraska, Adolphe Monell Sayre, Sp., of Washington, and Frank Rudolph Steward, of Fort Missoula, Montana. The alternates will be Charles Grilk '98, of Davenport, Iowa, and Wirt Howe '96, of New Orleans, La.

Parker came to college from Phillips Andover where he did considerable speaking and debating. He is in English 30 and is a member of the Harvard Union. Sayre received the degree of LL. B. From the Columbian University of Washington last year. He represented Columbian on a joint debate with Georgetown University. He is enrolled in English 30 and also belongs to the Harvard Union. Stewart was the alternate in the recent Princeton debate. He has taken English 10 and is in English 6 this year. He belongs to the Forum. The alternates, Grilk and Howe are both members of the Union.