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We wish the Freshmen success in their debate with Yale this evening. This debate with Yale is the most important contest of the year for Ninety-nine. A victory in baseball or even a victory in beating at Poughkeepsie will not bring so much credit to the class as the defeat of the Yale freshmen tonight. We feel great confidence in the men who to a certain extent are to represent the University in this debate. Their work as shown by the debates that have been held through the year has been of an exceptionally high order. They speak with great intelligence, clearness and force. The one thing that is needed to make a victory almost certain is a generous support from the class.

Ninety-nine must wake up and show more enthusiasm than it has. It must realize before it is too late the real importance of the contest. If freshman debating is not to be given up the debaters must prove that they are competent to speak in a way that will reflect credit upon the University, and the class must show that it is interested enough to support their representatives. The main support must of course come from this class, and it will speak but poorly for the class spirit of the Freshmen if there are many empty seats tonight in the Fogg Art Museum at the time of the debate.