Defeat by Princeton Nine not Unexpected.-Other Athletic News.

NEW HAVEN, May 17, 1896.

The work of the nine has been watched with the deepest interest during the past week and from its good showing in practice such a complete victory by Princeton was unexpected. It was hardly hoped that the team would win the game at Princeton, but the poor work done by the infield and the weak batting were disappointing. It is expected that a great change will be felt in the whole team should the work behind the bat be bettered. This will be done for next Saturday's game by putting in Thorne, should his injured finger allow him to play, or if not by calling out some entirely new material, Miller of the '96 class team, or Murphy '97, who played on the university team in his freshman year.

The dual athletic games with Princeton, held at the Field Saturday, aroused unusual interest, several of the runs being very close. The Olympic contestants were picked out at once and cheered heartily.

The university crew is rowing in excellent form and with constantly increasing speed. The improvement in this respect has been rapid in the last week. More life is being shown than at any time before this year. R. J. Cook '76 coached the men Saturday and stayed with the crew over Sunday.

The freshman crew has not shown any marked improvement and do not make up for their extreme lightness by any corresponding quickness and life in the boat.

The ninety-nine baseball team, however, has done excellent work this spring, fielding and batting in good form, and should win the remaining games in the series with the Princeton freshmen.