The Yale Football Team.

At the opening of college this fall the prospects for a good football team at Yale were not very bright. Very few of the old men had returned and Captain Rodgers was just recovering from an attack of typhoid fever. Now, however, with two weeks' work to look back upon, the prospects for a good team are decidedly encouraging. A very large number of new men have come out and the majority of them play a fast, lively game. Almost every position on the team is at present filled by a new man, and this new material puts all the life it can into every play.

The line will probably be a very heavy one. At centre, Cutton, of the Theological School, weighs 210 lbs., and is a very hard worker. Brown, Cadwalader, Chadwick and Sheldon, the leading candidates for guard, are all heavy men and any two of them, with Cutton or Harvey at centre, make a very strong trio for the line. Cadwalader is also very sure on a kick. Allen, Marshall and Post are all good at tackle, and Captain Rodgers, who has only been in the line-up for a short time so far, promises to be in even better shape than last year. Hall, Hazen, Dudley and Warner have all been tried at end and there seems to be little choice between them.

The number of candidates behind the line is also very large. De Saulles and Stoddard are at present playing at quarter. Chamberlin, last year's centre, is being played at half-back and has so far done excellent work in that position. The other candidates are Kiefer, Corwin, Hine and Benjamin, the acting captain. At full-back, McBride seems to be almost a fixture.

On the whole the team promises to be strong in the line and in kicking, with plenty of life and energy in every play. There is little doubt but that a kicking game will be played as often as possible.