Tennis Finals.

The final match between E. R. Marvin '99 and H. Ward 1900 in the tennis tournament for the championship of the University was played yesterday afternoon on the Carey court. E. R. Marvin '99 won by the following score: 6-8, 7-5, 6-4, 6-2.

The day. owing to a stiff breeze, was unfavorable for tennis, so that the men did not show up in their best form. Marvin won the match by his swift, accurate strokes, passing Ward repeatedly at the net. He was, however, uncertain in his smashing and preferred to place Ward's numerous lobs carefully Both men took the net upon every chance. After the first set and a part of the second, Ward fell off in his playing, while Marvin became more steady, and won the final set with comparative ease.

The final match in doubles between Marvin and Whitman vs. Laverack and Shaw will be played this afternoon, weather permitting.