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By the death of Dr. Justin Winsor yesterday, the University has lost another of those eminently distinguished men of letters who have made Harvard the first seat of learning in the United States. Dr. Winsor's work has been in the field of historical criticism and his contributions to that literature have made him one of the group of Americans whose reputation for scholarly attainment is international.

The lives of such men, quiet, unassuming, and wholly devoted to those intellectual pursuits which America as a nation is said to be too busy to cultivate, reflect honor not only upon the institution which can take pride in having produced them, but upon the whole country. It is to be remembered also, that only too frequently, popular recognition of such services is delayed until the services have been rendered and the work of the individual brought to an end.

Dr. Winsor's career has been a notable example of the achievements of which American learning has shown itself capable, and even while mourning his death we may feel inspired by his success to a greater confidence in the future of national culture.