Satisfactory Showing in the Quarter and the Mile.

The 'Varsity fall handicap track meeting was held yesterday afternoon on Holmes Field. In spite of the heavy track and the inclemency of the weather all the events were well contested and the times very good for fall races. All the heats of the sprints were close, scarcely a foot separating the first three or four men. In the final heat of the 100 yds. dash, Bigelow running from scratch, was gaining rapidly on the leaders, and would have finished first if there had been ten yards more to go.

The most exciting races of the day were the mile run and the 440 yds. dash. In the former, Grant overtook the handicap men just as they were turning into the stretch and the three men ran the last fifty yards neck and neck, finishing within five yards of one another. Burke, who was scratch man in the quarter mile, was unable to get through the crowd until they came into the stretch, and then it was too late to catch the winners, though he finished within ten yards of Clerk.

W. G. Morse won two first places. He cleared the bar at 5 ft. 11 1-4 in. in the high jump at the first trial; and won the low hurdles from scratch in the good time of 25 3-5s.

The hammer throw was postponed to this afternoon.

The final heat of the 220 yds. dash will be run off this afternoon at 4 o'clock.

Following is the summary of the games:

120 Yards Hurdles.

Won by C. H. Whitney 1901, scratch; second, R. R. Rumery '99, scratch; third, F. B. Fox L. S., owed 10 yds. Time, 17 1-5s.

100 Yards Dash.

First heat-F. H. Bigelow L. S., scratch, first; R. W. J. Kingan 1901, 10 yds., second. Time, 10 2-5s.

Second heat-G. H. Mifflin 1900, 6 yds., first; E. J. Green, L. S., 2 1-2 yds., second. Time, 10 2-5s.

Third heat-A. W. Robinson 1901, 2 yds., first; L. B. Canterbury '99, 3 yds., and J. H. Holmes 1900, 7 yds., tied for second. Time, 10 2-5s.

Fourth heat-M. L. Bernstein 1901, 6 yds., first; G. J. Holliday 1901, 5 yds., second. Time, 10 2-5s.

Heat for second men-E. J. Green L. S., first; R. W. J. Kingan 1901, second. Time, 10 2-5s.

Final heat-M. L. Bernstein 1901, first; G. H. MiWin 1900, second; A. W. Robinson, third. Time, 10 1-5s.

One Mile Walk.

Won by G. O. Thacher 1901, scratch; A. E. Wright 1900, 20s., second. Time, 7m. 59 4-5s.

One Mile Run.

Won by D. Grant M. S., scratch; second, O. W. Richardson '99, 75 yds.; third, L. S. Jackson 1901, 80 yds. Time, 4m. 30 4-5s.

440 Yards Dash.

Won by W. G. Clerk 1901, 40 yds.; second, P. L. Fish 1901, 28 yds.; third, H. H. Fish '99, 15 yds. Time, 49s.

220 Yards Hurdles.

Won by W. G. Morse '99, scratch; second, S. P. Goddard 1900, 5 yds.; third, W. F. Porter 1900, 12 yds. Time, 25 3-5s.

220 Yards Dash.

First heat-G. J. Holliday 1901, 10 yds., first; F. H. Bigelow L. S., scratch, second; E. J. Green L. S., 5 yds., third. Time, 22 3-5s.

Second heat-L. B. Canterbury '99, 5 yds., first; L. S. Antisdel 1900, 4 yds., second; A. W. Blakemore L. S., 10 yds., third. Time, 23 1-5s.

880 Yards Run.

Won by H. B. Clark 1901, 60 yds.; second, W. A. Applegate 1901, 40 yds.; third, L. C. Ledyard 1900, 40 yds. Time, 1m. 59s.

Two Mile Bicycle Race.

Held on Charles River Park track.

Won by E. Warner '98, 300 yds.; second, L. E. Wyman 1900, 150 yds.; third, G. Nichols 1900, 300 yds. Time, 5m. 8 2-5s.

Running High Jump.

Won by W. G. Morse '99, scratch, height, 5 ft. 11 1-4 in.; second, C. M. Rotch 1901, 4 in., actual jump, 5 ft. 7 in.; third, C. H. Whitney 1901, 5 in., actual jump, 5 ft. 5 3-4 in.

Shot Put.

Won by H. H. Fox L. S., 6 ft., actual put, 37 ft. 3 in.; second, R. Garland '99, 4 tf., actual put, 36 ft. 9 1-2 in.

Running Broad Jump.

Won by C. S. Edgell '99, 2 ft., actual jump, 20 ft. 1 1-2 in.; second, L. O. Gifford '99, 2 ft. 6 in., actual jump, 18 ft. 11 1-4 in.; third, A. P. Young 1901, 2 ft. 6 in.; actual jump, 18 ft. 8 3-4 in.

Pole Vault.

Won by R. S. Hardy 1901, 2 ft., actual vault, 8 ft. 9 in.; second, A. P. Young 1901, 2 ft., actual vault, 8 ft. 6 1-4 in.; third, R. R. Rumey '99, 1 ft. 3 in., actual vault, 7 ft., 7 3-4 in.