Law School, 6; B. U., 4.

The Harvard Law School team defeated the strong Boston University eleven on Saturday by the score of six to four. The latter team was much heavier and reported stronger, but the Harvard players developed a very excellent interference and scored by their clever end plays. Wells and Moore played a strong game for Harvard, while Butler and Haines did best for B. U.

The line up:

Harvard Law School-Monroe (capt.), l. e.; Curley, l. t.; Cunningham, l. g.; Sewers, c.; D. M. Moore, r. g.; Campbell, r. t.; Tirrell, r. e.; Ordway. q. b.; Wells, h. b.; Hester, h. b.; J. T. Moore, f. b.

Boston University-Tollman, r. e.; Sturtevant, r. t.; James, Brewer, r. g.; Hughes, c.; Burt, l. g.; Teehan, l. t.; Butler, l. e.; O'Connell, q. b.; Ellsworth, h. b.; Haines (capt.), h. b.; Bossidy, f. b.