Fact and Rumor.

The total registration of the University of Michigan is 3007.

The new library at Princeton is finished and the removal of books to it has begun.

Yale University has received almost a half a million dollars in endowments during the last fiscal year.

The West Point team lines up only twice a week,- for practice on Wednesdays and in games Saturdays.

The Yale facutly has taken up the practice, discontinued for several years, of making gymnasium practice compulsory for freshmen.

The matter of forming a boating assocition is again being agitated at Princeton. Three four-oar boats were presented to the University last spring.

The Yale freshman football team which plays the Harvard Freshmen, November 20, was defeated Saturday by the Hotchkiss School team. The score was 6 to 4.

Lieutenant Robinson has discontinued the Harvard Rifles for the time being, as not enough men turned out. He will probably take up the project again next month.

The Georgia legislature passed a bill making it a misdemeanor to play football in that state. The offense is subject to a fine of one thousand dollars or a year's imprisonment.

The New York, New Haven and Hartford R. R. have decided to run a special train to Boston, from New Haven, on Saturday, November 13th, for the benefit of those who desire to attend the Harvard-Yale game.