Slogan for the Game.

To the Editors of the Crimson:

CAMBRIDGE, MASS., Nov. 10, 1897.

GENTLEMEN:- No Harvard man who has in recent years attended a Princeton game and heard Princeton's slogan of victory, "Palms of Victory, Crowns of Glory," etc., when the team gets ahead can have failed to be impressed, and to wish that we had a slogan. The special songs which are gotten up for the different games are all right, but it seems a pity that we have no slogan which can be used at any and all games. With a view to stimulating some one to produce a slogan which is really good, I venture to suggest one:

For the music, take the chorus to "The Man that Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo," which has an inspiring swing, and which, thanks to the itinerant hurdy gurdy is familiar to all. For the words the following doggerel:

"Again our colors show the way, The Crimson's to the fore, Fresh laurels to our mother. On the Charles's winding shore. Though her sturdy sons be weary, They the battle ne'er give o'er; So we'll win another victory for Harvard."