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The communication which we publish this morning on the subject of the speculation in football tickets is a terse statement of a condition of affairs which is nothing short of a disgrace to the whole University.

This wilful misuse of the methods provided to secure tickets for graduates and undergraduates is a despicable violation of trust. The management offers to every college man an opportunity to get seats for himself and his friends, and every signature on a blank means that the signer accepts the favor as such. Just how any gentleman can distort that privilege of application into a license to fleece his friends by compelling them to do without seats or pay extortionate prices for them, it is difficult to understand. Some methods of making money are forbidden by law and called dishonesty. Others are forbidden by common decency and are called dishonorable. Those who have utilized the football game for business purposes may class their transactions in the second category, but on the whole to a man of self respect there is not a great difference. However one may look at it, it is dirty behavior.

It is a high time then that people realize what this whole business means. Harvard is playing football for sport supposedly. She does not hold an exhibition to support professional players, still less to provide pocket money for students at large. So if any man has more tickets at his disposal than he needs, the thing for him to do is to hand them over again to the management. There are plenty of men who want them, for their friends, and have a right to them, and it is an outrage that they should have to pay extra.

Every good ticket now in speculators' hands has come through a college man. It is a nasty situation to face, truly. To the individuals who are responsible for it we have only one thing to say-if they can deliberately set to work to raise money from such a source, and can get any real satisfaction out of their profits, they are out of place in Harvard University.