Mr. Lehmann had a few of the candidates out on the river yesterday afternoon for tubbing practice. Both he and Mr. Willis were in their boating clothes, one going in at stroke while the other acted as coxswain. Thus all the men had the advantage of rowing behind a finished oar. Willis usually rowed at stroke, the other men going in at bow, and the Leander man's rowing was in marked contrast to that of any of the others in its great smoothness and ease. Willis's blade work is perfect, and in every way he is a model of Mr. Lehmann's ideas of rowing. Work in the tubs will continue until Saturday, then Monday enough men will be selected to form the two trial eights. A few of the Freshman candidates will also begin rowing on Monday.

The following men were coached yesterday: Goodrich, J. H. Perkins, H. Adams, Biddle, Byrd, Heath, Higginson and Coleman.