Groton Ties 1901.

The game between the Freshmen and the Groton School eleven yesterday afternoon resulted in a tie, neither side scoring. Though heavier than their opponents the Freshmen were outplayed both in quickness and the general knowledge of the game. From the start they seemed unable to accept their chances and though five times on Groton's five yard line, were unable to score. This inability to score when the opportunity presented itself was chiefly due to fumbling caused partly by the wretched condition of the field. Had the Freshmen played in the first half as hard and fast a game as they did in the second, they would undoubtedly have scored.

Harvard made most of her ground on short gains through the centre, but was as a rule unable to pass Groton's ends. As a whole, the Freshman eleven did not play the hard, fast game they were capable of and were lacking in what may be called football instinct. On the defensive they were very uncertain. On one play Groton's backs would be thrown for a loss, but a moment later would gain by a simple trick.

1901 lined up as follows-J. S. Lawrence, r. e.; J. Lawrence, r. t.; Talbot, r. g.; Kasson, c.; Peyton, l. g.; Brayton, l. t.; Hawkins, l. e.; Hallowell, q. b.; White, l. h. b.; Ellis, r. h. b.; Reid, f. b.