Shooting Club.

About twelve men came out for the trial shoot yesterday afternoon on the club's grounds. The scores made were very low, with but one exception. The weather was favorable for shooting although rather chilly. The following had the highest percentages: Bancroft, 86; Dana, 68; Sanford, 68; Mallinckrodt, 60; Campbell, 60; Blake, 60; Lunt, 60.

Three shoots in all have been held this week to choose a team for the match Saturday morning with U. of P. at Philadelphia. The best averages are: Bancrott, 74; Mallinckrodt, 66; Dana, 63; Campbell, 61; Dove, 60; Blake, 59; Sanford, 58.

The team will hold a shoot this afternoon at Wellington; and from there they will go by train to Philadelphia.