Law School Debating Club.

Regular meetings of the newly organized debating club of the Law School will be held twice a month, alternating with open debates for all members of the Law School, and closed debates for members of the club only. At the open debates, any one may speak from the floor; the closed debates will be largely extemporaneous, as the principal speakers will not be chosen before the meetings.

The club is at present composed of thirty-two members, but sufficient interest has already been shown to guarantee the permanence of the club. The next meeting is to be a closed one, and will be held Monday afternoon, Nov. 29th, at 2.30 in Sever 17. The subject for debate will be: "Resolved, That the degree of A. B. should be regularly granted after three years' residence and the completion of not less than nine-tenths of the work at present required for the four years' course." References will be posted on the bulletin board at the Law School.