The French Play.

In answer to several inquiries concerning the mode of securing reserved seats for the forthcoming performances of "Athalie," the following information is repeated:

Officers of Instruction and Government, students now in residence in any department of the University or Radcliffe College, alumni of Harvard University and alumnae of Radcliffe College, should make written application (giving full name, class and address, and specifying, in order of preference, the dates for which seats are desired) to the chairman of the Department of French, Cambridge, before November 25.

If tickets are to be sent by mail, an envelope, addressed and stamped, should be enclosed with the application.

The price of a reserved seat, whether on the floor or in the first or second balcony, is two dollars.

Applications for tickets from the general public will be filled in order of receipt, but no tickets will be sent out before November 25, after which date applications, whether from officers, students, graduates, or the general public, will be filled in the order of receipt.