The Harvard Co-operative Society. The Tailoring Department.

The Tailoring Department is not in Dane Hall, but is across Harvard square, in the Lyceum Building, where it occupies rooms just behind the office of Sawin's Express and the Western Union Telegraph. The quarters are a little out of the way and for that reason, among others, they are well worth finding. Rooms in a rather inaccessible place mean low rent; and this is one of the explanations of the low prices that we ask for clothing.

It is a fact that our clothing, whether made to order or ready made, is sold at lower prices than are asked for the same grades elsewhere. This is the case always; and just now, as the winter trade is almost ended and the spring trade has not yet begun, our prices-for the sake of keeping our help busy-have been made peculiarly attractive.

Of course nothing but examination and comparison will convince any one that our goods are exactly what we say-combining sound and tasteful material, skilled workmanship, and low price. Mention of some of our prices will indicate that the examination and comparison are well worth making. We make to order good every day suits from $25 to $35. Ready made suits, in many respects quite as good, are sold by us from $13 to $20. We make winter overcoats, of Carr's English Melton, from $28 to $35.50. We sell ready made overcoats, of goods of similar quality, for $16 to $18. We sell ready made golf suits from $6 to $12, and this price includes, as in the case of all our ready made goods, such alterations as are necessary for a perfect fit.

From what we have said about our low prices, it must not be inferred that we do not carry expensive grades. We carry all good grades and for all we ask prices that ought to command the approval of careful buyers.

Do not forget that we do repairing, cleansing and pressing, at the lowest prices consistent with good work.