The Bussey Institution.

The Bussey Institution at Jamaica Plain is carrying on its work this year on about the same scale in former years. There have been practically no changes since last year in the appointments or the general efficiency of the institution. The number and scope of the courses is the same and, in every case, they are given by the same instructors.

One of the most helpful events of the year to the institution has been the completion of the line of electric cars direct from Harvard Square to Roxbury, which gives very good connections between Cambridge and Jamaica Plain. One of the great drawbacks in past years to the Bussey Institution has been its distance from Cambridge and the inconvenience of getting from one place to the other. With this new line of cars, however, this difficulty has been somewhat remedied and it is now possible for students from the Bussey School to come over to Cambridge and take courses in Geology, Engineering and other branches some what allied to the regular work of the school. This adds greatly to the efficiency of the Institution as a school for horticulture and agriculture.