Weight-Lifting Record Broken.

L. C. Rood, 2 M. S., broke the world's amateur record for lifting a dumb-bell, last night at the Hemenway Gymnasium. The previous record of 201 pounds, 5 ounces, was made in 1874 by R. Pennell of New York, who weighed 215 pounds. Rood is 20 years old, is 5 ft. 6 in. in height, and weighs 145 pounds.

On his second trial last night he lifted a dump-bell weighing 202 pounds and held it with one arm perpendicularly above his head. After a short rest he put up the same bell weighted to 211 pounds. On this trial, however, although the bell was put up perpendicularly with one arm, Rood, in straightening his body, lost his balance and let the ball fall. The terms of the game say nothing about the straightening of the body, but it has been customary to get to an upright position. It is thought, however, that the latter record will stand. The performance was done in public and was testified to by over a dozen witnesses.

Rood has trained chiefly at home and has only been working with dumb-bells two years.