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Although the candidates for the University nine who were called out yesterday are fewer in number and later to begin practicing than usual, there is every indication that they will do effective work, and under better conditions than last year. The plan of calling the Freshman out before the 'Varsity candidates is beneficial because it enables the choice of the most promising Freshmen for the 'Varsity squad and thus makes the squad smaller and more easy to handle. Calling the men out later than usual also considerably lessens the period of indoor practice before work out of doors begins. Although this indoor practice is absolutely necessary in getting the men into condition, it is always a relief to begin out of door work, and the plan of making the indoor practice as short as practicable will be a welcome innovation. The decision of the Corporation allowing baseball to be played on Holmes Field this year will also help the nine, both as regards its regular work, and from a financial standpoint. It would be impossible to lay out a really satisfactory diamond on Soldiers Field this spring; and even if it were the gate receipts would there be less than on Holmes Field, because Soldiers Field is not yet sufficiently easy of access. With the general supervision of the coaching in the hands of Mr. C. W. Smith '86, who, as will be remembered, was captain of a remarkably successful championship team, it will be felt by all that the coaching interests of the team are in safe hands.

In a general way, then, the prospects for the year are bright. It is unnecessary to add that the more apparent the interest of the undergraduates as shown by attendance at practice and in any other ways that may arise, the greater the encouragement given to the team.