ALL contributions for the March number of the Monthly must be sent to the editor-in-chief before Monday, March 1.

CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION.- The usual weekly meeting of the Christian Association will be held tomorrow evening in Holden Chapel at 6.45 o'clock. All members of the University are invited to be present.

FRESHMAN DEBATING CLUB.- Business of importance will be discussed after the debate this evening and it is highly desirable that as many as possible attend the meeting.

G. O. SMITH, Pres.THERE will be a trial of candidates for the 'Varsity Mandolin Club Friday, February 26, at 4.30 in 3 Matthews Hall. All who can play mandolin or guitar are urged to try.

FRENCH PLAY.- The following men will attend a rehearsal of the French Play at Professor de Sumichrast's House at 5 o'clock p. m.. Wednesday: H. W. Cram, H. F. Robinson, J. W. Frothingham, R. L. Hoguet, R. Logan, R. Gilder, and R. Pulitzer.

L. L. GILLESPIE, Manager.WILL any men who have copies of "Avery's Physics" which they are willing to lend to the Prospect Union kindly leave them at the CRIMSON office before Friday.

JOWETT CLUB.- There will be a breakfast of the Jowett Club on Thursday, Feb. 25, at 8 a. m., at the Colonial Club.