The University Crew.

The crew does not usually row on Fridays, but owing to examinations on Thursday, the men rowed yesterday in the tank. Mr. Mumford coached. A. H. Rice '98, who has been tried in the boat during the past week, was yesterday dropped back to his class crew, and G. D. Marvin of the Sophomore crew was tried at 2. Sprague did not row yesterday on account of a slight injury to his knee received while skating. The order of the crew yesterday was:

Stroke, Boardman; 7, Goodrich; 6, Thomson; 5, J. H. Perkins; 4, J. F. Perkins; 3, Moulton; 2, Marvin; bow, Hurley.

E. H. Mackay M. S. and W. S. Young man L. S., came out yesterday to try for the crew. The latter rowed on the '95 crew and on the Weld Boat Club eight last year. Mackay has had no previous rowing experience.