Yale Baseball Schedule.

Yale's complete and official baseball schedule was announced yesterday by Manager C. Brooke as follows: April 3, Johns Hopkins at New Haven; 7, Wesleyan at New Haven; 10, New York League at New York; 14, Manhattan College at New York; 15, Georgetown University at Georgetown; 16, Hampton at Hampton; 17, University of Virginia at Charlotteville; 19, University of Virginia at Lynchburg; 20, University of North Carolina at Danville; 24, Williams at New Haven; 28, Amherst at Amherst; May 1, Brown at New Haven; 5, Lafayette at New Haven; 8, Wesleyan at Middletown; 11, University of Virginia at New Haven; 14, Andover at Andover; 15, Brown at Providence; 19, Amherst at New Haven; 22, Orange at Orange; 26, Lehigh at New Haven; 29, Brown at Providence; June 2, Holy Cross at Springfield; 5, Princeton at New Haven; 9, University of Vermont at New Haven; 12, Princeton at Princeton; 19, Princeton at New York; 24, Havard at Cambridge; 29, Harvard at New Haven.