Class Day and the Race.

To the Editors of the Crimson:

If the present conflict of dates between Class Day and the boat race is allowed to continue there will be a feeling of bitter disappointment in the Senior class Most of us have never seen a 'Varsity boat race and are accordingly particularly anxious to see this one. Moreover, Class Day itself would be necessarily more or less of a failure owing to the absence of a great many Seniors and of a large proportion of the under-class men whose presence would be essential to the success of both Tree Exercises and Senior Dance.

It seems quite possible to remedy this conflict by a compromise which can hardly affect seriously the interests of either occasion. If the eight management could arrange to have the race one day earlier, that is Thursday, the 24th, instead of on the 25th, the crew would still have seventeen days on the Hudson (counting from Wednesday, June 2), even if there were no rowing on Sundays. It is hard to believe that the difference between seventeen and eighteen days at Poughkeepsie can affect the chances of the race. With Thursday as the new date, the Class Day exercises could then be moved to Friday evening and Saturday and there would be no conflict.

The plan has suggested itself favorably to several Seniors.

CHARLES DAVIS DREW.Cambridge, March 3.