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Now that the course of the Harvard Golf Club is completed there is immediate need of more club members, both to make up the team which is to meet Yale and the other colleges next month and to furnish the necessary financial support for the club. There seems to be an impression in Cambridge that there are a few well known players who are practically sure of the team and there is consequently no need of a general competition. This is, of course, a mistaken idea: Yale, especially, is unusually strong this year and if Harvard is to win the tournament all of the golf players must co-operate in trying for the team; even if a man does not make the team he can do something to help it, merely by trying for it in competition with the others. As for the course, it is naturally an interesting one, it is to be taken good care of and it is soon to be extended to nine holes. This is an excellent chance to learn to play golf and everyone who has an inclination for the game should give the club the support it deserves by becoming a member.