M. BRUNETIERE'S LECTURES.- The three lectures on "Moliere" by Monsieur Ferdinand Brunetiere, of the French Academy, will be delivered in Sanders Theatre on the afternoons of Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, April 12, 14 and 15, at half past four o'clock. The lectures will be in French.

Seats will be reserved for members of the University. Applications must be made in writing to Professor de Sumichrast not later than Monday, April 5. The applications must state whether more than one seat is desired. In the distribution of tickets members of the Cercle Francais and of courses in the department of French will have precedence. Tickets will be distributed on Friday, April 9, at a place and hour to be hereafter announced.

Friday, April 9, Professor de Sumichrast will lecture on "Ferdinand Brunetiere" in the lecture room of the Fogg Art Museum, at half past four o'clock in the afternoon. The lecture will be open to the public.

FRENCH PLAY.- All men who have tickets for Saturday kindly return the unsold ones by tonight without fail.

SCRUB BASEBALL.- All entries must be sent to F. Curtis, Claverly 55, before Wednesday, April 7.

'VARSITY BASEBALL.- Squad be at Locker Building on Soldiers Field at 3.30 unless weather is unfavorable, in which case a notice will be posted at Leavitt's.