'99-B. A. A. Race.

The Sophomore crew raced the B. A. A. crew over the mile course in the basin yesterday afternoon. After some delay the start was made at half-past six from the Union boathouse. B. A. A. had the better of the start, but '99 continued to gain steadily, and at the half-mile had a lead of a length. From here the B. A. A. coxswain steered a shorter course out in the river, while the '99 boat continued to follow the wall, thus losing considerable distance. B. A. A. let her run at the mile a bit over a length behind the '99 crew, which continued rowing for another half mile.

The work of the Sophomore crew was good on the whole. From a bad start the men quickly got together, and the boat was steady throughout the race. The men reached out well and swung strongly, but seemed slow at the beginning of the recover. B. A. A. rowed a higher stroke and spurted well at the finish.