Lacrosse Game.

The Lacrosse team will play its first important game of the year tomorrow afternoon when it meets the "All Massachusetts" team on Holmes Field at three o'clock. The "All Massachusetts" team has been organized by Mr. P. L. Horn '92, who is principal of Dummer Academy at Newburyport. Captain Ferran of the Boston lacrosse team and several old Canadian players now living about Boston will play on the team, making it the strongest to be found in the state.

The line-up of the Harvard team will be follows: Goal, F. B. Cooley; point, H. A. L. Sand; coverpoint, C. M. Woods; first defence, H. J. Wilder; second defence, G. H. Breed; third defence, N. P. Breed; centre, R. E. Swezey; third attack, C. H. Ladd; second attack, W. B. Brookings; first attack, F. B. Taylor; outside home, B. T. Burley; inside home, H. C. Ring. Of these, Captain Burley is playing the best game in the attack, being expert in manceuvring in front of goal and in throwing. Woods is the best man on the defence and is recognized as the best coverpoint in the college this year. Sand is an old player and a steady, reliable man; and Wilder is good in team work because of his strength. Among the new players this year are several Canadians who have had former experience in the game and are doing good work.

The next important game will be that with Lehigh University, at Bethlehem, Pa., on May 8. Tomorrow's game will be followed immediately by the track games of the M. I. T., one admission being charged to both events.