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The Good Shepherds defeated the Cold Hands by the score of 12 to 9. It was anybody's game until the eighth inning when hits by when Cole, E. Stanwood, Homans, and Dennison brought in five runs which gave the Good Shepherds the game.

The make-up:

Good Shepherds-Cole, 2b.; E. Stanwood, s. s.; Homans, c.; Dennison, 3b.; Cochrane, 1b.; Pierce, c. f., Ely, p.; F. Stanwood, l. f.; Sherburne, r. f.

Cold Hands-Franklin, p.; Cleaves, r. f.; O'Brien, s. s.; Blair, c.; Beaman, 1b.; Pappenheimer, l. f.; Robinson, c. f.; Pilling, 3b.; Merrill, 2b.