Peabody Museum.

The peabody Museum has recently received from Mr. Clarence B. Moore '73, the gift of a very valuable collection of seven large pottery urns containing cremated humna remains. This is another important gift forming part of a large collection given by Mr. Moore who has always remembered the museum on his expeditions. These urns were found in two prehistoric mounds on the islands off the east coast of Georgia by Mr. Moore who for several years has been engaged in the exploration of the ancient earthworks of Florida and Georgia.

In the same mound were found the bones of a dog. This discovery of the skeleton of a dog is confirmatory of the existence of the domestic dog in America before European contact. The Indian dog of historic times is evidently the descendant of this prehistoric variety.

In connection with his explorations Mr. Moore has published a large number of quarto-memoirs containing the accounts of his work in all his expeditions. These are profusely illustrated and to one interested in the archaeology of this region are of the first importance.