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The communication published this morning in regard to the finances of the Freshman Crew shows a serious condition of affairs, and it is to be hoped that each individual Freshman will consider the appeal as addressed to him.

It is always rather hard for a class to support a Freshman crew which must be sent away in June and provided with new boats, oars, etc., and can, of course, do nothing to help pay its expenses. It will be harder than usual to do it this year because of the sportsmanlike choice of Poughkeepsie as the place for the race, regardless of financial inducements, and because twelve men are being kept at the training table instead of the usual ten. Undoubtedly, however, the generous and thoroughly representative support of a crew, financially as well as in other ways, helps to strengthen class loyalty and arouses the members of the crew to do their very best. For these as well as for the material reasons, all those Freshmen who have not done so ought to contribute to the support of the crew, each as much as he can afford; and those who have already subscribed should not think it out of the question to do so again now that their crew is really in need of their further support.

It should be remembered that a class crew must have more money in its first year than it will ever need again; and that if it is brought safely through this year it is a comparatively easy matter to manage it in an economical and businesslike way for the rest of the college course.