MOTT HAVEN.- Shore, come to training table for lunch today. Everybody work this morning, as the M. I. T. class games are on the field this afternoon.

SCRUB 1 meet on Soldiers Field at 2.30. Game at 3.

GOLF CLUB.- Any member of the University wishing to join the Harvard Golf Club may do so by sending the annual dues of $5 to J. F. Curtis, Treasurer, 42 Claverly Hall.

FRESHMAN DEBATING CLUB.- All members who have not yet obtained their shingles may get them by calling at Thurston's today.

CRICKET ELEVEN.- Following men take the electric car for the Union Depot leaving the Square at 11.10. Train for Lowell leaves at 11.50: Adams, Carleton, Scattergood, Wells, Hastings, Waters, Morgan, Haughton, Webster, Drinkwater, Rawle, Comfort. Men who do not play be examined this morning from 11-1.

FRESHMAN BASEBALL.- Following men who will go to Southboro be at McDonald's, 373 Harvard St., for lunch at 11.45 sharp: Farrington, Ewer, Rainbolt, McCornick, Foster, Egbert, Cutting, Edmunds, Moore, Skillings, Beardsell. Bring your baseball clothes.

FARMERS practice at 2.30.

PROSPECT UNION.- Teachers are expected to keep their classes through the second week in May unless they have consulted Mr. Ely or H. W. Foote '97 on the subject. They are requested to make out lists of men eligible for certificates and send one to C. A. Sievwright at the Union, and one to H. W. Foote before May 8. Certificates are of three grades-faithful attendance (75 per cent., though this is not a hard and fast rule); good progress; and excellent progress. Teachers are requested to send in the names of those men only who really deserve certificates. 57 2t

PHI KAPPA PSI.- Will all Phi Psis in the University send their names to 25 Felton Hall.

LACROSSE TEAM.- Full squad be on Norton's Field at 3.45 today.