Tonight's Promenade Concert.

The programme for the Promenade Concert tonight at Music Hall, Boston, is as follows:

1. Teufels March, Suppe.

2. Overture, "Strad lla," Flotow.

3. Waltz, "Meerleuchten," Ziehrer.

4. Selection, "Wizard of the Nile," Herbert.

5. Nocturne and Wedding March from "Midsummer Night's Dream," Mendelssohn.

6. "Blissful Dream," Meyer-Helmud.

7. Introduction to Act III, "Lohengrin," Wagner.

8. Selection, "Fatinitza," Suppe.

9. Waltz, "Estudiantina," Waldteufel.

10. Overture, "Merry Wives of Windsor," Nicolai.

11. "Love's Dream After the Ball," Czibulka.

12. March, "In Darkest Africa," Metz.