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The Graduate Athletic Association is now no longer a project, but a fact. It is ready to undertake its work under the control of a well chosen executive committee. Of course this is only the first step in the process of getting the machine into working order. All that could be asked is that the energy and care which have already accomplished so much, be applied in equal degree as the work progresses.

The success which has rewarded the labors of the organization committee is well earned. The self-sacrifice, skill, and disinterested enthusiasm with which they have carried out the plan, afford the best possible proof that an association containing such men will become a far-reaching power for good in the University. The undergraduates welcome the new association, are confident that it can do efficient work without creating friction, and are grateful to the men who have carried out the work of organization.

It is to be remembered in considering the future of the association that solid progress must come slowly. There is to be no sudden change in athletic affairs. Such an institution will grow into usefulness by a gradual process.